[Zylin-discuss] Zylin CDT and ColdFire toolchain

Paul McConkey paul.mcconkey at cambridgeimaging.co.uk
Wed Aug 16 20:10:20 CEST 2006

I thought that my experiences using the Zylin plugins for Eclipse to set
up a development system for the ColdFire may be useful for other
I have been looking for a low cost (free!) toolchain for ColdFire that
has a usable IDE for months and a BDM debugger. Everything seems to boil
down to GNU plus an IDE or CodeWarrior. The CodeWarrior alternative
worked fine (mostly) but too expensive. Everything else seems to be GNU
based and aimed at Linux platform development like ucLinux, rather than
the plain m68k-elf that I needed. Worse, most of the GNU toolchains can
only be used with GDB directly rather than with a visual debugger.
Having looked at several Eclipse/GNU based alternatives I discovered the
Zylin plugins - thanks guys!
I have then tried a number of GNU toolchain options, including building
from scratch (with the BDM version of GDB). All this has been a bit of a
nightmare for a very experienced (old) developer who has few to no Linux
In the end I have settled for the CodeSourcery
(http://www.codesourcery.com) GNU toolchains for ColdFire, which are
pre-compiled binaries for the Windows platform, including a BMD version
of the GDB debugger compatible with the P&E BDM cables.
I now have a fully functional C,C++ and assembler toolchain, completely
integrated into Eclipse, and with an integrated visual debugger! My host
platform is Windows XP, I don't even require CygWin (although it seems
easier to write makefiles for a Linux shell).
I have been using the 20060804 dated Zylin plugins as I have had a
strange issue which prevents Eclipse from starting (with an error about
a preference change listener) when using the June versions.
If anyone wants to set up a similar system my procedure follows (version
numbers are for the versions I did this with):

CodeSourcery toolchain binaries for ColdFire v4.1-14 (Windows installer)
Java - if you need it (java.sun.com) Eclipse platform binaries v3.2 (the
SDK and C/C++ stuff is not needed) Zylin CDT plugins P&E drivers for the
BDM cable - if you need it (www.pemicro.com)

P&E drivers
Run the CodeSourcery installer (make sure that PATH includes the path to
the tool binaries - the installer can do this for you, or modify PATH
with a batch file that you use to start Eclipse).
Install Java
Unzip the Eclipse Platform to somewhere (I did c:\eclipse) Unzip the two
Zylin files to the eclipse folder

Mostly up to you to sort out, but some things I did were:
- change the compiler invocation to m68k-elf-gcc in the project
discovery options tab
- change the debugger invocation command to m68k-elf-gdb in the embedded
cdt options
- I put these commands in the debugger 'initialize commands'
	target remote | m68k-elf-cfpe-stub -t m5282evb

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