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ZIM Google Docs Library

Check out the ZIM Google Docs Library.

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ZIM Tutorial - Documents

ZIM: Add a New Case - Add a New Case (PDF)
Demo-specific, step by step instructions to add a new case.

ZIM: Create a Report - Create a Report (PDF)
Demo-specific, step by step instructions to create a report.

Product Briefs

ZIM Product Brief - Product Brief (PDF)
A printable description of Zylin Incident Manager (ZIM).

ZIM Email Brief - Product Brief (PDF)
Effective use of email in ZIM.

ZIM Custom Fields Brief - Product Brief (PDF)
An introduction to custom fields.

Customer Reports

Draka Norsk Kabel - Draka Case Report (PDF)
Using ZIM since 2002, Draka manages breaches of working hour regulations, injuries, incidents, customer claims, supplier deviations, and audit findings.

J. Eriksen: Quality Consultant - Eriksen Case Report (PDF)
J. Eriksen uses ZIM to help companies implement continuous improvement processes by defining trends in registered deviations, and by defining the cost of the deviations.

K.Lund Offshore AS - K.Lund Case Report (PDF)
Using ZIM since 2001, K.Lund registers deviations and creates improvements. K.Lund implemented LEAN/TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) policies in 2006 and used ZIM to help initiate over 4000 improvements in six years.

ZIM Manuals

ZIM Brief User Manual - User Manual (PDF)
ZIM manual for individuals with user-level access.

ZIM Brief Manager Manual - Manager Manual (PDF)
ZIM manual for individuals with manager-level access.

ZIM Brief Administrator Manual - Admin Manual (PDF)
ZIM manual for individuals with administrator-level access.

ZIM Demo is free, so you can review the user interface today!

ZIM offers incident management services, ideal for companies that outsource business tasks.

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